I'm Rachael Chatoor
Welcome to  my little spot on the web!
For the the most up to date news stories, videos
and happenings, pls check out my blog or find me on facebook.


You will find: information leading to  my online hang outs, music links and video  projects on the 'about rach/shows' tabs.

Band and Live MusicVideos are on my Band Page


The below videos are rough drafts.
Yes, rough drafts, real life sitting around the campfire kinda stuff. My songs evolve and grow up in the production and recording of them, these little ditties are  the early prototypes. 

Peek behind the curtain  then head off yourself to create, write, play and imagine. Don't edit yourself, don't impose rules on yourself, don't be afraid to be. Let yourself and your art flow freely, the polishing can come later.

On the 'links I love' tab,
you will find  links to some very important websites, 
like the Babz Chula Society, Walk for Kids Help Phone and Stupid Cancer. 

I have also put up the links of  some of my friends who are incredible artists/singers/industry pros, and also a few of my favorite places to visit on the worldwide web!  

Links you find on this site,
are Rachaelpachel approved.

Have fun! 


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