Pickleball ARTwear

Pickleball ARTwear is art you wear. 

All of my designs are created with images of pickleballs and paddles. 

(You'll only notice when you look up close).

For pickleballers who want to wear their love of pickleball on more than just their sleeve. 

Also the portal for pickleballers looking for uniquely beautiful CUSTOMIZED team or club wear.

Model: Heidi Shurgelo

Photo credit: Abby Shurgelo

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The Pickleball Sing-Along Book

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About Rachael Chatoor

I may have arrived here the same way you did,  a severe Pickleball obsession. I wasn't always this way, I did have another life. 

In my earliest days I toured around my province in Canada with a duo called the Forget me Nots. After a making a funny promo video(long before You Tube was a thing), our agents told us to put together a band so they would send us overseas.

A couple months later 4 girls wound up In the United Arab Emirates, rocking out night after night for a three month tour. It was there that I found my husband who himself had travelled to the UAE from the UK to work.

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Should I size up or down?

IMPORTANT: For fitted items I do recommend choosing a larger size as items such as legging and capris and fitted tanks will have a stretchier material and can be cut tighter, the manufacturer will not refund for wrong size choices. Please for fitted tanks, measure around yourself as measurments provided on the diagrams are for the item 'as worn'.

I am SO sorry for the limitations in size at this time, some styles simply do not come larger. Please choose carefully and send an email prior to ordering if you have questions. Thank you!

What's the delivery time?

Depending on your order and your location, orders can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. We recommend placing orders as early as possible to avoid delays.

Refund Policy

As our items are custom designed upon order, refunds will only be accepted with a request proving manufacturer defects. Requests must be made within 5 business days of delivery. Shipping dues for returns are the responsibility of the customer.